First Impressions – Lupin the 3rd: Mine Fujiko to iu onna

If you’ll watch this for the tits, you won’t be disappointed because this show has lots of it, although I believe that this anime has more to offer than just tits.

Thus is Lupin the 3rd, one of the best anime classics ever and as such the reputation alone somehow merits that this anime should be watched.

The first thing that I observed (aside from the apparent abundance of Fujiko’s tits) is that the anime feels so 70’s. I really the abundance psychedelic colors everywhere in this episode because it made me feel that I am watching a 70’s anime and not an anime of this generation, it really felt old-school. The over-all feel of this anime just brings back the viewer back to the 70’s and I really like that.

The second thing that I liked is the OP theme. I really liked how masterful the OP is, I am left speechless. The OP is a fine blend of great abstract art and great music. I also really liked how the voice over just adds more to the sensual nature of the OP sequence. The OP is abstract, sexy, sensual and dangerous; Just like Fujiko Mine. Props to Miyuki Sawashiro for doing great justice in voicing Fujiko.

I like this version of Lupin. He’s more suave yet he retains his old goofball self. Hopefully, Jigen and Goemon will show up soon.

Another thing is that I like the great chemistry between Lupin and Fujiko is executed very well. I really like that the anime treated this as Lupin and Fujiko’s first meeting as it gave a great start to show to the audience the roots of the relationship between the two. The sheer great chemistry of Lupin and Fujiko reminded me of those western spy movies.

I’m totally watching this all the way. I’m watching this because I’d like to see the beginnings of Lupin and Fujiko’s relationship. I’m guessing that this anime is a treat for the older generation of anime fans. Unless you don’t watch anime that isn’t moe or you don’t like classics, I personally suggest that this is a must watch anime.


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