Lupin the 3rd: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna episode 2 – Magnum.357

It seems that there’s no Lupin in this episode and as this episode shows, its not a bad thing.

To summarize the episode, Fujiiko winds up working for a female owner of a casino who’s also a head of a mafia group. The lady tasks Fujiko of stealing a gun from a certain bodyguard and seeing the events that will happen until the end; the catch is that certain bodyguard goes by the name of Jigen Daisuke, one of the fastest guns in the underworld. With a bit of seduction, Fujiko manages to steal the gun and then we learn of Jigen’s past, which culminates into an all out shoot out involving Jigen and Fujiko’s employer with Fujiko watching from the sidelines as per her orders.

If I loved the first episode, this episode blew me away. The old-school animation is still superb as always. One thing I totally loved in this episode is that we’re given a detailed backstory of Jigen, which is pretty impressively done in my opinion as it perfectly explains Jigen’s trademark professionalism on the job and his switch from bodyguard to thief.

It seems that Fujiko’s lot is not an easy one, as exciting as it may seem and as Jigen’s points out, a moment’s hesitation can cost their life and emotional attachment can be fatal. In light of this episode, I’m wondering how will Lupin and Fujiko’s relationship play out in this series. Here’s to eagerly looking forward for the next episode.


4 thoughts on “Lupin the 3rd: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna episode 2 – Magnum.357

    • Yup. Adding a dramatic backstory for Jigen was quite interesting and actually allows the new audience of the anime to care for the characters. I’m hoping that this show will continue with its great consistency.

  1. It seems strange to me that many praise the “old school animation,” but wouldn’t watch an old school anime title (not saying you wouldn’t, but the classics are out there and mostly ignored by the younger anime fans today).

    Anyway, I’m in the camp not thrilled with the character designs or psychedelic aspects to the show, but the stories are interesting, especially the first episode.

    • The old-school animation is I think for nostalgia’s sake, for those who grew up watching the anime, but I do think the extra detail to story is what really makes the new Lupin the 3rd anime really great.

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