The second aniblog tourney has begun!

Yup. Aniblog tourney. What’s that exactly? Its basically all anime/manga blogs being pitted against each other, and reader get to vote for their favorite blogs.

I was once an anime blog lurker way, way back then and I didn’t even knew this thing existed. Now being a part of this event as an aniblogger is already enjoyment in itself and being recognized as part of the aniblogging community felt very fulfilling.

The brackets for the second aniblog tourney

I’m part of the green bracket and for my first match-up, I’m up against Kai and his blog deluscar, which is a great aniblog with great content such as figma reviews, editorials and other stuff.

The aniblog tourney is fun and all, but this is ultimately aimed at you, dear readers as it gives you a chance to discover more aniblogs. There are lots of great anime blogs out there!

The Aniblog tourney is now starting so go and check it out! Good luck to all the participants and have fun!

20 thoughts on “The second aniblog tourney has begun!

  1. Best of luck to you in a couple days. I still feel that I’m in the lurker stage, but it’s been great to discover some good blogs out there in that last few weeks.

    • Thanks, man. I’ll need every bit of luck I can get. Discovering new abiblogs is ultimately the goal of this tourney. I’ve also discovered new good blogs myself in the last few weeks.

    • Thanks so much! I suggest that you submit your blog to animenano because that’s where most of the blogs participating in the tourney are picked up from. 🙂

      • I know, I signed up for Nano pretty much right after they picked all of the participants. Ho-hum. I hope it’s not two years before the next tournament like last time, although it probably will be.

      • Yeah, and there was a two year break between the first two tournaments, so I’m thinking it will just follow the same pattern. Anyway, I like your blog a lot :3 I followed you.

  2. I really love that you promote the Tourney itself and don’t go on a self-campaign. It relays your desire to become better, appreciation for criticism, and real interest in collaboration.

      • I have yet to actually do one myself. I almost did one with TWWK of Beneath the Tangles on curry, but Krizzlybear of Baka Laureate put up such an awesome recipe of his own, that we dropped it. Good luck on choosing a topic!

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