First Impressions – Polar Bear Cafe

I actually had reservations watching this at first because it didn’t seem very appealing, but I gave it a go anyway and it was actually a pleasant watch.

What I really liked about this is that the anime is very light-hearted, seasoned with fun humor. I also liked how the anime played with puns as a part of its humor although this may get old, depending on the viewer. It feels weird saying this but somehow, I like watching this anime because of its light-heartedness and humor. I also commend the voice acting on this anime because they spice up the over-all atmosphere of the anime.

The only bad thing about this is that it doesn’t look very appealing at first because it looked kinda bland at first, and I imagine most of the western anime watchers who are shonen fans who are in early to mid teens might not like this at all.

I don’t know if this is my age talking, but I like this anime a lot. The anime is very low key, but it manages to make itself very acceptable. This anime has got my attention and I plan to watch this anime.


4 thoughts on “First Impressions – Polar Bear Cafe

  1. Totally agree with you here. I personally have a weak spot for puns and was so happy to see so many in Polar Bear Cafe.
    ps. It’s really late but I have added you to my blogroll. Just want you to know ^_^

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