Lupin the 3rd: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna episode 3 – The Lady and a Samurai

Originally Goemon’s relationship with Fujiko is more or less of indifference which kinda borders on mistrust, though it seems that in this version of the Lupin anime where Fujiko is the main character looks like the two will have a new sort of relationship.

In this episode, Fujiko poses as tutor to the Baron’s grandchildren to be able to steal the Baron’s art collection, as the Baron and his grandchildren are on their way back to their homeland by train. Goemon who poses as a wandering performer enters the picture as a hired blade by a rival family to kill the Baron. Goemon bonds with the youngest grandchild who turns out to be the Baron’s intended successor and Fujiko and Goemon also get to talk about a few personal stuff. Things come to ahead when the train is sabotaged by the rival family and Goemon and Fujiko team up to save the children and the passengers. After the rival family is exposed and everything settles, Fujiko makes her retreat and is encountered by Goemon. After a bit of talk and giving Goemon a kiss, Fujiko makes her retreat. Goemon makes his own retreat afterwards.

The talk about how both of them has no place in society and they don’t have real friends is really much expected, as it is their common denominator.

I really liked this episode because it gave a new dynamic to Fujiko and Goemon’s relationship. from a purely writing perspective, I really liked how Goemon’s Samurai background was used as a tool to set-up the dynamics of Fujiko and Goemon’s relationship which gave more color to their interactions to each other, rather than Goemon going “you’re just like me, I don’t trust you!” kind of thing. I really liked that Fujiko and Goemon’s relationship started on an okay note and it really has much potential. I’m really happy that the anime is taking time to build on Fujiko and Goemon’s relationship.

Another thing I really liked is how Fujiko delivered this line: “What am I? Just a woman.”. I really liked it because when the “I’m just a woman” line is delivered, it usually tells that the woman is just a helpless person incapable of anything, but in this anime, the line tells that Fujiko is a woman, and that’s there more to her than meets the eye and she is certainly a damn capable person.

This episode is a piece produced by good writing.

Finally, props to Daisuke Namikawa for doing a great job on voicing Goemon.

Here’s to looking forward to the next episode.

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