Lupin the 3rd: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna episode 4 – Living in Love, Living in Song

One thing I’ve observed in this episode is that not much Lupin/Fujiko dynamics are exposed in this episode even though Lupin is present in this episode. I think that this is more of your standard Lupin the 3rd episode comparing it to the previous 3 episodes. You know, Fujiko using her body to get what she wants, Fujiko and Lupin do their usual things and the Zenigata and Lupin chase where in the latter is being a goofball while the former chases. One thing that really stood out here is Zenigata, enough for me to say that this is a “Zenigata episode”.

The episode starts with Fujiko having sex with Detective Zenigata to bargain her lease from the police and she was tasked to guard a jewel studded mask worn by an opera singer named Ayan Maya from being stolen by Lupin. As the performance goes on tonight, a mysterious ‘ghost of the opera’ makes an attempt on Ayan’s life. Ayan faints from the experience and Fujiko is cast as Ayan’s double to lure out Lupin. Through a series of events, we discover that the attempt on Ayan’s life is a fake and the Ayan on the stage is a stagehand. Zenigata chases after Lupin and Fujiko chases after the ghost and then meets the real Ayan. After a little chat about a few things, Ayan decides to burn the mask before inviting Fujiko and Lupin to join them for dinner.

As I’ve said in the intro, Zenigata for me stood out in this episode. I really like this new Zenigata, he is frisky! I’ve never seen Zenigata get frisky! This Zenigata is so cool that he got dibs on Fujiko before Lupin did (in this anime, at least). I’m really happy that Zenigata is given a good level of characterization in this episode, as I got to see a new side of Zenigata aside from the “cop that never ceases to chase Lupin” character in which most people are quite familiar with.


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