Lupin the 3rd: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna episode 5 – Bloodstained Triangle

This is basically the “how Lupin and Jigen met for the first time” episode. Also not much Fujiko in this episode as she only appeared at the first part and the latter part of the episode as Lupin and Jigen had most of the screen time. Its amusing how Lupin would go to dangerous lengths to steal something for Fujiko’s sake.

The episode begins by Lupin trying to woo Fujiko and she tells him about a jewel peacock at the bottom of a pyramid in Egypt. Meanwhile, Jigen gets scammed and is short in cash and he goes to search for the jewel peacock as well. Jigen and Lupin encounter each other in the pyramid and after Jigen seemingly besting Lupin, Jigen deals with the traps in the pyramid. Jigen and Lupin meet again and after a short talk, they fall into another trap together and Fujiko appears to reveal that the peacokc will appear if one of them dies. Lupin and Jigen manage to escape by sacrificing some scorpions. The peacock reveals itself, but Fujiko is forced to give it up in order to escape from the pyramid.

This episode explores the relationships of Lupin, Jigen and Fujiko to each other in detail. Lupin is infatuated with Fujiko and there’s nothing new about that (at least for veteran Lupin fans) Jigen is still very suspicious of Fujiko but for the most part they are indifferent to each other. I’m a bit surprised that in this series, Fujiko acknowledges Lupin’s attempts to woo her (in the past series Fujiko denies Lupin’s flirting) in which she uses to have Lupin steal something for her (and Lupin getting himself into trouble).

I really like this take on how Lupin and Jigen met for the first time as this establish a bond of mutual respect bwtween the two men. The best moment of this episode for me is the shootout between the two men when the meet for the first time in the pyramid because I really like how that part was animated.

here’s to guessing that the next episode will be a “how Lupin and Goemon met for the first time” episode.


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