Sai Mecha 2012 Earth Side – Round 1

Sai Mecha finally begins with the round 1 of the Earth side bracket and it has some very interesting match ups! Go and vote for your favorite mecha! I’d be talking about in this post the mtach-ups and the mechs that I’d be voting for.

Gurren Lagann vs. Arbalest

The Arbalest is a good mecha and I really like it, it just has the unfortunate luck of going up against Gurren Lagann in the first round.

Big O vs. Gundam Exia

The Big O has my vote. The Big O may be slow, but it can tank all of Exia’s attacks and Exia doesn’t have a cool megaton punch.

Ingram vs. Raxephon

No, I don’t care if Raxephon is a godly mech, I like the Ingram. The Ingram is one of the best and most plausible mecha designs I’ve ever seen.

Takemikazuchi vs. Zeta Gundam

This is a no brainer, Gundam powered by the dead gets my vote.

Shin Getter vs. Zeorymer

This is a no brainer, I’m voting for Zeorymer. Patiently waiting for delicious Getterfag tears…

Nirvash Type-0 vs. DaiGuard

This has to be one of the hardest match-ups for me to decide as I love both mechs, in the end salaryman piloted super robot gets my vote. Salarymen should get the recognition they deserve.

Mazinger Z vs. VF-25 Messiah

Mazinger Z gets my vote just to spite Kawamorifags. Also, Mazinger Z is a legendary hallmark in mecha compared to its opponent.

Delphine vs. Mazinkaiser SKL

The underdog mech vs the uber-cool powerhouse. Can’t really decide on this one. Vote decided by coin toss, Delphine gets vote.


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