Lupin the 3rd: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna episode 6 – Prison of Love

The beginning of this episode until the middle felt very shoujo, its almost like I’m watching Utena. One thing to note is that Lupin’s appearance in this episode was a bit limited and it almost felt like it was total plot device, not that I’m complaining. Ultimately in my opinion, this was an Oscar episode. I’m really amazed at how a side character meant only for this anime was given the episodic treatment, even so far as to have Zenigata let Oscar take care of capturing Lupin which is a bit out of character for Zenigata for me, which in turn speaks much about the effort behind the production staff of this anime…

The episode starts with Fujiko working as a teacher for an all-female school, in which she finds herself the target of affection for many of the students, including a student named Isolde Bach. Fujiko spends time with Isolde which results to Isolde being punished by her jealous classmates because of “monopolizing Fujiko-sensei”, after which Isolde turns to Fujiko for a bit of yuri passion. Yuri passion is abruptly halted when its revealed that Isolde is actually Oscar posing as Isolde who intends to catch both Fujiko and Lupin and Oscar captures Fujiko. An abstract dream sequence is shown while Fujiko is unconscious. Next day, Oscar initiates a plan to capture Lupin and everything goes haywire for Oscar when Fujiko is freed by Lupin and was able to trick Oscar into giving her the code for a pendant containing a thesis by Isolde’s late father. As Fujiko and Lupin escape and share the spoils, Oscar swears to get revenge on Fujiko.

First of all, I really like how the episode started out as a standard shoujo school drama anime, kinda like Utena. From the start until the middle of the episode, I thought I was watching a shoujo drama anime and it was Oscar’s blindside that reminded me that I’m watching a Lupin the Third anime. This episode took the trope/theme of shoujo school drama, executed and twisted it to suit the anime to perfection.

The second and the most important thing in this episode is Oscar. For a character that’s only meant for this anime, he’s a very good character and some female audiences are already fangirling about him ever since his first appearance back in episode 4. As is Zenigata is to Lupin, it seems that Oscar is becoming to Fujiko. I’m really liking the dynamics of Fujiko and Oscar’s relationship. If Lupin and Zenigata’s relationship is more of a friendly rivalry with respect to each other, Fujiko and Oscar’s is different… It feels as if Oscar has this yandere tendency towards Fujiko, wanting yet despising her at the same time. I’m really curious as to how the dynamics between Fujiko and Oscar will develop.

Also there’s this Disney acid dream sequence in this episode when Fujiko was unconscious, although I’d like to talk about that on a later post.

I’m still waiting for that Lupin and Goemon episode…


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