The story of Mine Fujiko, subtly being told

Mine Fujiko to iu Onna is a Lupin the III anime which stars Fujiko on the spotlight and Lupin for the most part is demoted to supporting role and sometimes, plot device. As the current anime centers on Fujiko and her exploits, somewhere along the way, Fujiko’s story is being told to us. Subtly being told to the keen observer.

This is Mine Fujiko, the present. Watch carefully the OP and look at the lyrics. It feels for the that the whole sequence depicts Fujiko is running away from her something and the lyrics hint that she’s running away from her past. Note the lines stealing lets her forget everything and keeps her memories at a safe distance. Another instance that hint on this is during the final scene of episode 2 when Fujiko chats with Jigen and says that she won’t let her past catch up on her.

This is Mine Fujiko, the past. This features a young Fujiko, depicted as a sexy woman and for the normal viewwer this really won’t matter but for me, this tells me something as it feels that it hints at some traumatic period in Fujiko’s early years. It kinda feels like that the carefree rhythm of the ED theme contrasts the visuals.

So, what happened during Fujiko’s early years? I think the Disney acid dream sequences during episode 4 and episode 6 should give us a clue.

I’d leave it up to you dear reader, to figure it out. What do you think exactly is in Fujiko’s past that she’s trying to constantly run away from?


4 thoughts on “The story of Mine Fujiko, subtly being told

  1. The Beauty of a woman as “uncatchable” as Fujiko Mine… is both the mystery and the answer to a lot of things. This show does a glorious job of exploring aspects of her and the depths she’d sink to fulfil that streak of Thieving inside. But as to her actual past… well…. Watch the show and you’ll see what I mean.

    I fell in love with this. Call me dramatic, but I love specific things. The Opening, the music, the transition of images, and the sequences of Fujiko Mine running. And the style of animation.

    • Yeah, I did watch the show. 🙂

      I really liked very much that the anime is a nice, sensual exploration of what girl power is or can be about. This anime is very beautiful.

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