My anime community

I guess I’ll be participating in this blog carnival thingy since the beautiful world seems very passionate about this project. Please note at this point, I’m just typing whatever comes into my mind.

The idea of this is to talk about one’s local anime community. If by saying local is the town or municipality I live in, its totally nonexistent although I’ve met a few anime fans in my area biggest surprise for me was that a fellow aniblogger lives in close proximity. If I to attend anime related events, I’d have to take a bus and a train ride because I live kinda far off from the area where anime events normally occur.

But whatever, right now I’m here to talk about my anime community.

Right now, I’m very detached to the local anime community as a whole, I guess I kinda grew up away from the local anime scene though I still have a small anchor towards the anime community, and that the anime org in the school I’m studying. Yup, I’m a member of an animu org and I’m probably one of the very few people who can stay that straight up. I’d like to think that as of this moment, its the only anime community in real life that I’m a part of. I’m also very much a part of the aniblogging community, but that’s online and kinda an entirely different matter.

The anime org I’m a member of is well… you can compare it to Genshiken. Heck, the org’s name is Genshiken, I’m not kidding. I’d say that my college life became more bearable thanks to the animu org and it has helped to mature into a somewhat better person.

Here’s a pretty much normal day at the anime org: Most of the guys are playing PSP and the gals are intent on watching and practicing their kawaii cosplay skit, one guy comes in, turns on his laptop and watches Mitsudomoe and most of the PSP guys will shift their attention to the moe anime and some guys on the far side are practicing their Kyokushin Karate moves.

For the most part, they’re pretty cool guys and they really love anime and they’re pretty much the epitome of people in an anime org: weird. Heck, some people even want to abolish the org because they’re weird, not annoying or anything, just plain weird…

I think the highlights of me being member of the anime org is when I first joined it because I was utterly active in the organization activities. I still remember joining the org when I was most active being a cosplayer back then and I was pretty much a member of a lot of anime SMS groups back then. I was pretty fucking active not only in the anime org, but the local anime community in general. Ah yes, the good old days…

Being one of the few people who are able to witness the birth and growth of the local anime community , I’d say its something that started as a very small and niche community with its members closely bound together by a passion that they all shared, and it pretty slowly grew and evolved into a densely populated dynamic community; At the helm are the cosplayers who more often than not, are the face of the community, followed the masses of fans who tend to create cliques within cliques and like to group themselves according to fandom and to complete the mix, are the trolls. The local anime community will never be complete without its trolls… and with the slowly rising popularity of anime among the youth, college anime organizations are slowly appearing out of the woodwork. Nowadays, I’m pretty sure that the average normal teen has seen and watch a gateway anime series or two thanks to endless reruns on the local anime channels. (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail).

As of now, the newbloods are pretty much the active ones the anime community while most of the veterans (a.k.a. oldfags) are pretty much content discussing among themselves on FB, some are still very active.

TL;DR – The local anime community is pretty active.

4 thoughts on “My anime community

  1. Nice post and haven’t heard of this carnival idea. I personally never even bothered joining any of the related clubs at my college or will consider it the future. My girlfriend is apart of it and will be once she comes back this semester, but I just don’t like those type of things despite the low demand of actually doing anything. I imagine my local community is somewhat active, since I live three hours away from a major convention spot, but within my own small region, I do not imagine it to be all that large. It might be larger than I think, though ^^

    • I do know some people who are anime fans but refuse to join in anime clubs, do not read aniblogs or even cosplay yet they are always present in local anime events. I guess that anime fans who are mostly disconnected from the big group of anime fandom as a whole can express their anime fandom in some other ways too.

  2. Thanks for participating! I didn’t see your post earlier since I’m in blogspot and there are rarely pingbacks for me there.

    May I ask, where are you from?

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