Lupin the 3rd: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna – Death Day

This episode has Lupin and Jigen teaming up once again, with Fujiko’s appearance in this is very much subdued. To sum the episode up, Jigen was hired to destroy the lithograph that fortune-teller Shitoto uses in order to predict the death date of any person. Lupin teams up with Jigen and Oscar is waiting for them and all hell breaks loose and the episode ends with another hint of Fujiko’s past.

It seems that the anime is sticking with canon as they’re really strengthening the bond between Lupin and Jigen and ultimately, this episode was their show. Oscar is there, trying to please Zenigata as always. The characters are beginning to settle in their respective roles and as someone who watched this show from the get go, I’m beginning to see signs of predictability. One thing of remark is that Fujiko’s performance was subdued in this episode, yet the episode still manages to be good.

More of Fujiko’s past is revealed. This episode confirms that Fujiko was abused at a young age. I think that the series is trying to show Mine Fujiko in a more human light. The earlier episodes shows Fujiko’s manipulative side by using her body to get what she wants when she’s in a bind. Comparing the latest revelation of Fujiko’s past with the ED sequence, maybe she does it because it’s all she knows

All we need now is to add Goemon into the mix.

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