My Holy Grail War

Okay, I’m way too hooked to Fate/Zero to make this post. In recent days, I’ve been thinking of certain characters which fit nicely of being included in the Holy Grail War and I think I’d like to share my ideas to others especially fellow FSN fans for you to see my bad tastes in heroes.

Without further ado, here goes!

I really think that she’d make a great Saber. Eludecia was once a creature of evil and had a change of heart and became a champion of good. Her backstory can be that she was once an evil creature but became a champion of good and met her end at the hands of a great demon lord during an ancient great war between good and evil forces on earth. She’ll work well with almost every other good aligned master, although she might have minor ruffles with masters like Kiritsugu. In battle, she prefers to neutralize her opponents without resorting to violence, though when forced to fight, she’s very straightforward, preferring to melee her opponents. I think her goal in the holy grail war is to prove that she has completely turned away from evil and prove that she’s a true champion of good and her character dilemma will be constantly battling the call of evil that she once was. Outside battle, she’s a very bad cook.

I really like Eludecia as a character from a writing perspective, there many things you can do with her and if the story calls for her being corrupted, then you have yourself a very powerful opponent. She can also be summoned as a Lancer and Berserker.

Her noble phantasms as Saber are:
Ring of regeneration which provides her limited immortality.

Holy Avenger – Her greatsword which was imbued with the powers of ice and holy by her divine patron. It gives her increased power against enemies of evil alignment.

LancerZhang Fei
I chose Zhang Fei as Lancer because I wanted to stay away from the trend of Irish folk heroes being Lancers. Zhang Fei is part of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms fame, as the youngest soul brother of Liu Bei and Guan Yu. Zhang Fei will be very loyal to his master and is a very formidable fighter though he’s reckless, impulsive and short tempered. I think that he could care much less about the holy grail war and his main focus would just be winning the war for his master. He also qualifies as a Berserker.

His noble phantasm is his Octane Serpent Spear which drains huge amounts of prana of any being that it slices with each hit which in turn replenishes the servant or his master.

Lugh is an Irish folklore hero who was prophesied to kill his grandfather. He’s a warrior of the Tuatha De Danann and leads the Tuatha De to victory against the oppressive Fomorians and successfully kills his grandfather in battle.

I think Lugh will be an honorable character and he’s a very capable warrior. He’ll be more of a laid back guy and is very good with charming the ladies. He can also be summoned as a Lancer, Berserker or an Archer.

His noble pantasms are:
Gae Assail – a spear that always hits its mark and always returns back to its owner.

Aenbarr – the horse that can travel through both land and sea which was given to him by a sea god. Anyone who rides Aenbarr is impervious to harm and at the cost of its own life, can nullify a lethal attack aimed at Lugh. EX rank.

BerserkerHonda Tadakatsu
Honda Tadakatsu is Ieyasu Tokugawa’s greatest general who is a veteran of over 100 battles, a master tactician and a brilliant fighter. Legend has it that he never suffered a significant wound in all of the battles he participated in, earning him the title “The Warrior who surpassed Death itself”. Much of his personality and sanity has been erased due the Mad Enhancement ability, reducing him to a mindless yet dangerously skilled fighter. His personal wish is to be able to fight on a glorious battlefield once more.

His Noble Phantasms are:
Samurai Heart: A Samurai knows no defeat – It is the representation of the legend of Tadakatsu not receiving any wounds in battle; it negates the effects of Noble Phantasms and spells B rank and lower and A rank Noble Phantasms and spells have a 50% chance success rate to function normally.

Tonbogiri – Tadakatsu’s legendary spear. Its blade is believed to be able to cut through any object, including magical objects B rank and below.

A powerful sorcerer in French literature who was overly protective of his foster son to the point of confining him in a castle filled with illusions to keep him away from a fate that he perceived as certain doom. He will be summoned into war by a capable young sorcerer. despite being portrayed as an antagonist in his original source, I think he’ll just be a guy who is very protective of his master who he sees as his foster son/daughter. He prefers to use illusion magic to deal with his foes and he is also capable of using limited divination through the Book of Fates. Despite being a powerful sorcerer, he abhors fighting and would prefer to spend time with his master.

His Noble Phantasms are:
Illusory Castle Ruggiero – an anti-army Noble Phantasm which manifests itself as a advanced bounded field which is only detectable by powerful mages due to the high level illusory magic used to keep it hidden. Once activated, those who are inside and those who enter the bounded field must succeed a will save or they will see the illusion of what they desire the most and are trapped in the illusion; Those with exceptionally strong wills are given another chance to resist the illusion and if they fail, they’ll be trapped forever.

Book of Fates – a book rumored to allow its owner to see into the future but in reality it is a magical tome that contains varying degrees of divination spells and has its own prana source.

Arjuna is the hero of the Hindu epic Mahābhārata whose skill in Archery is unparalleled. He is a warrior who is very proud in his skills of the bow and arrow and he claims that he should win the Holy Grail War because he claims he is the one most favored by the gods to win and as such, he may come off as very arrogant to others. He regards his master as “one chosen by the gods” for being able to summon him and thus is loyal to his master.

His Noble Phantasms are:
Gandeeva which consists of golden bow and a golden quiver which never runs out of arrows. The arrows hit for a fixed B+ rank damage.

Brahmastra – It is the true form of Gandeeva which Arjuna only uses as a last resort or when he faces a truly great opponent. In order to use Bramastra, Arjuna must recite the incantation “Brahma, give me strength”. He doesn’t want to use it because of its tremendous power capable of causing severe environmental damage, such as the land where the weapon was used will become barren and all life in and around that area will cease to exist.

AssassinHassan-i Sabbah
This version of Assassin summoned is the second Hassan-i Sabbah, the poison master Hassan who revolutionized the usage of poisons and created many deadly poisons that would be widely used by the Hashshashin. He believes that poisons are meant to be used for just ends.

His noble phantasm is Zabaniya: Delusional Lifeblood which is his most potent poison made from his own blood. Whenever Assassin successfully hits his target, the target must make a fortitude save or suffer paralysis after 24 hours after which the opponent will remain paralyzed while suffering fever in a matter of 3 days then the target dies. It is possible for mages with high magic resistance to stall the effects of the poison for as long as they can but not cancel or heal it. The only way to cancel or heal the poison is to kill Assassin or obtain the antidote. The antidote is Assassin’s own blood. Servants are immune to this because a servant’s body is a spiritual vessel and not mortal.


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