Lupin the 3rd: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna episode 12: Finale part 1

The finale’s episode title is The woman named Fujiko Mine and it is a very fitting episode title for the finale. Everything is finally coming together as everyone is on the same location, each character with his own goals. Goemon is trying to figure out who is Mine Fujiko, Zenigata confronts an unlikely person, Lupin and Jigen is out for Fujiko and Fujiko is facing her past.

The episode felt like it was a dark twisted fairy tale come to life as the characters are at Count Luis Yu Almeida’s lair which is like a dark carnival. I really like the surrealistic nature of the scenes that deal with Fujiko going down a trip in memory lane which is played straight in this episode. I really like how this episode links all the previous episodes together very nicely and I liked how how the narrative in this episode treats the whole series as a story penned by Count Luis Yu Almeida which works very well. At this point, all of the characters are just dancing in Luis Yu Almeida’s palm and I’m very eager to see how all of this will play out.

I really like the climactic nature of this episode, in which concludes in a fashion that each staple character in the anime is facing something, climaxing in Fujiko finally breaking down. Looks like its time for some main character heroics from Lupin in the next episode.

One episode left.


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