Kuro’s J-pop focus: ヲタみん

Hello, Vocaloid fans! Its been a while since I wrote something music related, so here I am introducing one of my favorite voaloid cover artist: ヲタみん (Wotamin)

I really like Wotamin’s voice so much, I want to marry her voice. Her voice is well balanced so she can hit both relatively high and low notes. I personally think that she’s one of the best female Vocaloid cover singers out there. Her vocal ability is just impressive. She’s also a mixer and has mixed songs for other Vocaloid cover artists.

Here’s some of her very noteworthy covers~

ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル (Piano x Forte x Scandal)
I really like how her high voice really complements the piano beats of the song. I also like the very feminine touch to her voice in this song.

恋愛勇者 (Love Hero)
I think this song shows off the lower register of her voice. She can do rock pretty well too.

Sweet Devil
Out of all the covers for this song, Wotamin’s is the best in my opinion.

I hope you’ll enjoy ヲタみん’s covers!


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