Lupin the 3rd: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna: Finale part 2

I seriously never expected the way the series ended. It felt kinda rushed, but the climax of the episode washed away all the inadequacies I felt when the episode started. It was pretty genius in my opinion.

Instead of ending with Fujiko fighting Luis Yu Almeida in a climactic battle, we get an anti-climactic exposition ending which works surprisingly well. So the ED credits wasn’t exactly Fujiko’s memory.

In the end the series remained true to what Fujiko is, a capable strong willed woman who can fight her way through any situation. Despite not ending in the manner that I was expecting, I’m very satisfied at how the series ended. It was quite good.

But what about Oscar? I don’t know, nobody knows. One thing is for certain, life goes on for Fujiko, Lupin and the rest of the gang.


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