Final Impressions: Lupin the 3rd: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna

I was really hyped when a new Lupin the III anime was announced and more hyped that Fujiko will be the main character rather than Lupin. What really sealed the deal for me in watching this anime is the names involved in this: Sayo Yamamoto who directed Michiko to Hatchin, popular screenwriter Mari Okada, character designer Takeshi Koike, Junji Nishimura who directed Simoun and Dai Sato. Needless to say, it has got my full attention.

One thing I really like about this series is that this is literally a style-fest, every episode just oozes with style. The anime has a lot of boobs to offer, though this does not feel like super pandering fanservice like how other shows nowadays does boobs in my opinion.

The series is really fun to watch. How the characters play off and interact with one another is a joy to watch and the anime has good action scenes too. I liked how the narrative and the plot twists in this anime is done and handled which is very awesome in my opinion. The minor gripe in this that I can see in this is the character development, but that can be overlooked in favor of how well the character interactions are done.

This might not be the best anime of the Spring 2012 and not everyone may appreciate this, but I personally think that this fourth season of Lupin III is a classic. People should watch this especially fans of Lupin the III.


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