Quick First impressions: Sword Art Online

I like this. I really do. This is such a strong first episode. The artwork is pretty gorgeous too!

The plot is our male lead plays this certain newly launched Virtual MMORPG and suddenly the creator of the MMO traps its players and the only way to get out is to beat the game’s final boss and clear the game. However if one dies in the MMORPG, they also die in the real world.

This is a a MMORPG anime focusing on the combat and adventure aspect of MMO’s. I really like how the first episode is really well done. It really gives a good showing without spilling out all of its aces. I really like how Kirito is a very level-headed player being able to quickly judge the situation and act accordingly.

I also really like how this anime really makes light of the small important nuances in MMORPG’s such as economy and monster spawn rate. In an event where players would go on a panic monster hunt to level up as quickly as possible to become stronger and in order to beat the game, resources would be limited. Spawn rate and in-game economy would be severely affected and the knowledgeable MMORPG player watches out for these things. It is this anime’s attention to these small important details in a MMORPG is what hooked me to put this on my must watch list.


2 thoughts on “Quick First impressions: Sword Art Online

  1. Wow I really didnt expect this to be that good, I just thought it was just going to be like accel world type average in my opinion but it seems this has more to it, definitely one to watch this summer

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