First Impressions: Joshiraku

What do you get when you mix moe, rakugo, clever word pun humor and shameless nationalism? Joshiraku.

When I thought that there just only a handful of anime to watch this season, this shows up. Suddenly, JC Staff shows up out of nowhere and presents us with this brilliant one!

This is a work written by Koji Kumeta (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) and illustrated by Yasu (Toradora!). They might have just made gold with this.

I’m super in love at first sight with this show. The first act of this anime goes upfront in saying “THIS ANIME WILL HAVE LOL SLICE OF LIFE DIALOGUE SO YOU CAN ENJOY THE MOE.” then goes to have an inane discussion about casual dress coe as well as subtly introducing the characters, kinda brings back memories of Lucky Star.

I also like how at one point this gives a serious talk about the art of rakugo which was very informative then suddenly goes into tissue word puns followed by a discussion on how to properly yell at the sea laced with subtle shameless Japanese nationalist humor that borders on right wing.

I love this anime. I like how Koji Kumeta combines moe with expressions of his ultranationalism laced with humor. I also liked this show’s break the fourth wall antics because it adds personality to the show. Koji Kumeta’s racism aside, this anime is witty as hell. This anime is looking to be a good one. I’m expecting more randomness and troll humor from Kumeta this summer 2012.


2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Joshiraku

  1. This sounds bizarre, but political comedy isn’t so much my thing (especially when it’s for another culture – often you miss some nuance or in-joke that the joke hinges on and it just seems petty or objectionable.

    Are you watching Utakoi? That really is a cracking series, a tongue-in-cheek historical drama of sorts.

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