Joshiraku episode 2

The girls talk about what they would do if they won the lottery, leading them to suspect one of them may be a winner. Later, they visit the Tokyo Tower where more strange conversations are to be had. Afterwards, a discussion about vaccination turns into a bout of imaginary pregnancy. That’s pretty much about it.

Koji Kumeta continues more of his randomness and social commentary in this episode. A few things in this episode stuck to me the most, first is Kigurumi’s false kawaii antics because people expect her to be cute while secretly despising all the expectations placed on her. I really like this as this is a subtle jab towards the rigidness of Japanese culture that one is expected to act in a certain manner most of the time. I do wonder if some are secretly despising the expectations others placed on them…

Second thing that stuck to me here is when they’re discussing about new stuff and a character mentioned that buying new gadgets for the sake of being able to catch up on the latest trend is wasteful. That’s pretty much Kumeta doing his author filibuster thing.

Third is the short discussion about anime in the third act. I really liked how the girls made a relevant discussion about the state of anime in Japan and having a slight jab at the increasing otaku popularity in Japan. There were few anime references in the third act too.

I also liked Kumeta’s slight jab towards religious organizations and that beautiful Tokyo scenery at act 2.

Who’s that masked dude at the third act? I think he was added for just for the randomness.


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