Sword Art Online episode 4 – The Black Swordsman

This episode was a very enjoyable and refreshing episode since there’s no emo in this episode. I find it interesting that Kirito is on the support role in this episode and the “side character of the week” takes the center stage for this episode. This episode has Kirito aiding a twin tailed loli beast tamer revive her pet while hunting for a suspicious guild.

I really like how this episode illustrate a typical male MMO player’s actions around a player that’s certified female and has looks. Almost every other gamer dude/geek bro in this planet is always on the search for that elusive gamer girlfriend.

This episode clears it up, PvP is active in SAO at the cost of revealing to other players that you attack other players (your cursor turns orange) or you kill other players (your cursor turns red). Other than that, Kirito is pretty badass and not emo in this episode and I like the fluff this episode brings. Here’s to hoping that I’ll see more of token imouto in SAO anime.


4 thoughts on “Sword Art Online episode 4 – The Black Swordsman

  1. Haha ye didnt want a emo epsiode again XD
    anyway I like silica, so sweat and im glad nothing happened to her and that they managed to get the flower or revival.
    but when is asuna coming along? D:

    oh my fav scene was when she was going to open to door with her panties and bra XD

    • LOL. I think Asuna will be showing up in a matter of 2 to 3 episodes. It seems that the anime is prioritizing the side characters before it goes full Asuna.

      • @kuro asuna will apear in the next episode which will be anoudher side story and will have big part in this also i think the murder mystery in the area side story next episode will be 2 episodes since it was long chapter in the light novel

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