Joshiraku episode 3

After a week of delay, it was finally subbed to give us gaijin who are incapable of understanding the Japanese language chance to enjoy this episode!

First act is Marii ends up having to prove that she’s not a crossdressing boy. In the second act, the girls visit the Kaminari Gate where they try their hand at some fortunes which leads to the third act in which the girls discuss why Tetora has such great luck and always seems to avoid danger.

In the first act, Marii has to prove that she’s isn’t some crossdressing dude, in which the other girls stating in their opinion what actions are feminine. I think this pokes fun at how a Japanese woman should act, most noticeably poked by Marii unable to sit like a girl and can’t do the Japanese feminine pidgeon-toe stance. the second act closely follows the established routine done in the previous two episodes in which it starts with some random Japanese trivia related to the act, in which I really like because I get to learn more Japanese trivia, followed by wordplay humor and making fun of variability of Japanese words. Third act is just pure slapsticks about Tetora’s godly good luck with a bit of author filibustering about taking care of one’s things.

Personally, I find this episode kinda tame compare to the first two as the slapsticks are much more visible and the usual pokes are more on the subtle side. Considering that, The jokes are very good and this episode gave me good laughs. This episode is a worthy watch.

Oh, that watermelon at the end? I think it was imported from —–.

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