Joshiraku episode 4

Man, each episode of this anime becomes more and more into the Japanese side of humor.

The first act makes fun of almost everything about the meganekko (girl wearing glasses) stereotype. The second act is mostly about all things Odaiba which includes the Fuji TV headquarters which I think isn’t related at all to the anime and the Tokyo Big Sight which is the venue for Comiket (the world’s largest self-published comic book fair, held twice a year in Japan) with a parade of many JC Staff characters.

The third act for me was probably the gem of this episode as it was random and full of comedy in my opinion. It basically pokes fun at Japanese topics regarding the moon, from Marii making a stupid joke about the Tsukimi Festival to the Moon rabbit causing mayhem and taking Marii who dressed us as Kaguya-hime to the moon.

I think that there was a moment where Kigurumi says that wars could be avoided if people would just try to understand each other. That’s a Koji Kumeta author filibuster moment.

I wonder how many of us non-Japanese are still able to catch up on the inside puns of the anime?

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