Joshiraku episode 6

Lots of political references in this episode!

Really now?

The first act is all about the number 4. The Japanese believe that the number 4 is inauspicious because it is pronounced the same as death (shi) and the first act makes fun of it by listing all the good things and famous things 4 – four seasons, the gang of four (a Chinese political reference), 4koma, the legendary four sacred beasts, the four heavenly kings, the elite four and some boring moe music anime. Insert references of Ichikawa Ebizo, Umezu Kazuo and Ishihara Shintaro during the 4koma parody of the first act.

The second act is pretty short, it is about real train stations in Japan with the word “Musashi”, which ends with Gankyo saying that she does not command much respect even though she (was forcibly) graduated…

… Which carries on to the third act with Gankyo being the butt of servant jokes until the act turns into making fun of all sort of elections. Insert references of AKB48 elections, super hax anime setokaichous and former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio.

May the anime industry enjoy peace (courtesy of Koji Kumeta).

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