Sword Art Online episode 7 – Temperature of the Heart

I like this episode. More importantly, I like Lisbeth.

Best SAO girl IMO.

On the MMO side of things, I like this episode because it features the profession aspect of an MMO. I think that profession is an integral part of an MMO. Remembering my WoW experience, the profession aspect of the game is one of the things that has really won me over (I was an engineer). There is more to an MMO than tanking and slaying endless mobs of monsters to reach max level in my opinion.

This episode nice in a sense that we get to see a different perception of Kirito through the eyes of another character. I never thought of Kirito as weird one bit so it was very amusing on my part to have another character see Kirito as weird. Also, I like this episode because its meeting Mr. right, falling for him and heartbreak all in one episode! I think I just sounded like a heartless bastard, but whatever.

Being allotted only one episode for each female side character, its pretty impressive that SAO has been producing satisfactory results in the female side character side of things.

End card

I really like Lisbeth, I really do. I really feel that she compliments Kirito very well. She’s the kind of girl I’d like to get to know better. No disrespect to Asuna bros, but I think she’s best girl.

8 thoughts on “Sword Art Online episode 7 – Temperature of the Heart

  1. I am more of Lisbeth fan myself and a even bigger Sachi one *sniff*. And is it me or did this episode seem a little short. I haven’t read the LN so the pacing of this show is starting to weird me out 😛

    • I would be a fan of Sachi too if she wasn’t dead. SAO has 1-2 episodes max allotted for side stories and side characters so I really don’t blame you for being weirded out by the anime’s pacing.

  2. I don’t get Lisbeth’s appeal at all.
    She didn’t strike me as a particularly interesting character in this episode. She played the standard damsel-in.distress role. She didn’t contribute anything to the hunt. Actually her carelessness put both her and Kirito in mortal danger. She was your typical anime heroine who falls in love with the badass main character.
    Asuna is ten times better than her. Asuna is a competent fighter and the sub-leader of a big guild. I genuinely don’t understand how someone could prefer Liz over Asuna.

    • I just really find Lisbeth very attractive more than Asuna. I do understand that most fanboys like Asuna because she’s assertive, very competent and can take care of herself, I like Lisbeth more. I like girls who can provide emotional support when a guy needs it.

      • Asuna = Supermodel
        Lisbeth = Girl next door

        Both have their charm points, and the choice between them says more about the guys who choose them than the girls themselves.

        I like Lisbeth because she forms a conceptual triangle between Kirito and Asuna, moreso than Silica. While Kirito treats this world as real, and Asuna grudgingly accepts it but rushes to end it, Lisbeth has a hangup about the substance of her feelings.

        The heat of the noonday sun…the infectious chatter in a busy tavern…is any of it real?

        Kirito had his answer.
        Asuna will eventually have her answer.
        But now Lisbeth has hers.

        tl;dr : Triangles are important!

      • Yes, I do know triangles are important. By your definition, many SAO fanboys likes the supermodel girl. I’m one of the few that likes Lisbeth.

  3. @rubicorban:
    Well, I don’t think that Asuna is just a “supermodel”. I really like her personality too, not just her looks. She has the right mix of toughness and sweetness, she is clever and capable.
    OTOH Liz feels bland to me and her issue was shallow. Finally I have a problem with Liz falling in love with Kirito so fast. Asuna spent a lot of time with Kirito and gradually warmed up to him. They also share a much better chemistry IMHO.
    To each his own, I guess. Peace.

    • I blame SAO’s one episode per female side character policy on this one. Lisbeth only had one episode to flesh her character out while Asuna is guaranteed to have a lot of screentime with Kirito so her character is sure to have all the time to gradually develop.

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