Sword Art Online episode 8 – Black and White Sword Dance

Fanservice Art Online finally gets into the main storyline! Am I the only one who felt that boobgrope fanservice scene was utterly forced?

I’d party with her for two years straight.

I really liked the part where Kirito and Asuna talked about living in the game world while eating dinner. The prospect of “living the game” does seem very appealing to a lot of gamers, especially the hardcore players. Great MMORPG’s like WoW really have a way of hooking people into the game so much that some would prefer to spend more time playing it as if they are living in the World of Warcraft and almost neglect their real life. I guess that the charm of good MMORPGs to gamers is that here is a sense of accomplishment that one can get in playing MMOPRGs that he might never get in real life as legendary aniblogger 2DT discusses on a podcast.

I’m glad that the anime finally is getting into the main story line and they’re finally finished with the part where they introduce the members of Kirito’s harem side characters. Asuna finally gets the center stage.

During that scene where Asuna just comes flying into the area and lands on Kirito, I noticed that none of the bystanders even looked until she freaked out. I’ll dismiss this as the animators being lazy to animate the bystanders.

The duel was nicely animated though it felt really anti-climactic, we all know Kirito will win this. Finally, aren’t the eyes of <The Gleam Eyes> supposed to be gleaming?

Hopefully, the anime will pick up the pace from this point on.

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