Joshiraku episode 7

Uh yeah, this episode was just totally random as ever. Not sure but I only saw two political references in this episode.


First act is just totally random, it starts as a small talk about sports and athletics then it morphs into a talk about marriage and becoming biker gangsters in order to marry early and it ends with a hikkikomori joke punchline. Insert legendary references such as Legend of Mana, Legend of Galactic Heroes, Legend of Galactic Princess Yuna and Moby Dick, anons’ legendary tracking skills and Hina dolls.

The second act is held at the Tsukiji fish market which is a famous tourist spot for tourists in Japan. First half of it is Marii spouting out some totally obscure Japanese references, mention of how gaijins can be really annoying during fish auctions and mention of Otsu incident. Second half is basically random trivia and history of the fish market and how Shintaro Ishihara currently wants to move the fish marktet to Toyosu but is met with fierce resistance by the governing party and other fish trivia with the usual fish word pun jokes. Insert refereces of Taro Aso, Shigeo Nagashima, Yoshinoya (yes, the restaurant), and Sazae-san.

The third act is the girls searching for things that might be using up electricity, becoming oblivious to the non-electric horrors hidden throughout the room. Insert references of TEPCO lawsuits going on, Doraemon, Kuso Miso Technique (YARANAIKA?) and Sayonara Zatsubou Sensei (This is a Kumeta anime after all). The act ends with a Blade Runner reference.

I’m actually impressed that Koji Kumeta can come up with a Blade Runner reference. I don’t know if I can catch up to Kumeta if the man goes full nerd.

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