Sword Art Online episode 9 – Blue-Eyed Demon

Its the obligatory Kirito badassery episode on Dual blade Art Online!

I love that Lisbeth grin.

So the reason why Kirito has an extra sword is finally revealed and his dual blade skill enabled him to tank and DPS a floor dungeon boss all by himself. Being the only guy so far to have the dual blade skill, he chose to hide it because the unwanted attention might get him killed which is perfectly logical because nobody wants a suspicious emo looking kid who wears nothing but black hogging all the glory.

I don’t know, Kirito is becoming more like the cliche dark high leveled MMORPG player who gets the girls that every otaku gamer wants to become and Asuna is becoming more of the cliche strong beautiful capable beautiful woman that always need MC-kun at his side that every forever alone otakubro is dreaming about. Personally, the only thing that saved this episode for me was that the one on one battle of Kirito and was beautifully animated. This episode is full of cliches and pandering, its kinda sad, though I’m happy that the main story is pushing forward. I’m really looking forward to the duel between Kirito and Heathcliff next episode.


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