Sword Art Online episode 11 – The Morning Dew Girl

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for not being able to post for a bit because college thesis is taking up a bit of my time as of late. I’m afraid that until this semester is over, I’ll be very busy.

Well, as for the episode itself not much is to be said except that Asuna and Kirito finally met Yui.

Aside from the fact that Yui is an important part of the story (for those who hasn’t read the LN yet, I’d rather not spoil it. ;D), This in my opinion was a feel good episode, something like a calm before the storm.

Its really cute though how Asuna and Kirito are all lovey-dovey like most newlyweds are. Surely all the Asuna fanboys are raving about how super cute she was in this episode. Asuna and Kirito are like the illustration what most hardcore gamerbros and otakubros would like how to spend their future, happily married with a cute girl at their side, sadly, most otakubros and gamerbros won’t attain it.

At least this episode gave all the otakubros all the joy they needed.


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