Joshiraku episode 8

Episode 8 finally subbed! At least the humor in this episode is easy to digest for the normal gaijin otaku.

First up, notice that the cast of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei are the audience while the girls are delivering their new year greetings.

The first act starts with word pun humor and turns into making fun of Marii for being last which ends in a manner parodying slice of life anime. Insert mention of a rakugo reference in this act.

Second act is about various trivia and humor pertaining to things and places in the Sagumo district.

Third act is about the the gang needlessly worrying that Kukuru might contract the May Blues, randomly choosing to take on ‘Blues’ from other months. Insert mention of Totoro in this act.

Man, I feel for Marii being the butt of jokes in this anime.

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