Sword Art Online episode 13 – The depths of Hell

It feels like the Aincrad arc of the SAO is nearing its conclusion and the drama is escalating! I really like how they executed this episode, it started really light with feel good moments and ended on a very intense note in the middle of an important boss battle. Asuna also got her share of the spotlight in the first half of the episode, so its all good for the Asuna fan(boy)s.

Not much to be said other than Kirito and Asuna’s relationship are total pandering for the otakubros, I mean I sure want to hear my dream gamer girlfriend say the words “If you went in and didn’t come back, I would kill myself!” when I’m about to go on a life and death boss raid.

Since this episode ended in the middle of a tough boss battle, I’m pretty sure that we’ll see the obligatory Kirito badassery next episode. It has been said that a man becomes a badass when he’s protecting someone and Kirito will just prove that.


One thought on “Sword Art Online episode 13 – The depths of Hell

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