Joshiraku episode 10

I don’t want to live in a world where Disney can’t be mentioned on national television. Joshiraku is back with political references and Koji Kumeta’s opinions. Koji Kumeta must really like his Ichickawa Ebizo references.

First act is the girls try to tailor the holiday to be more Japanese-esque. Insert mentions of how western holidays are commercial holidays in japan, Disney possibly starting Halloween in Japan, Manabu Oshio, Peace John, John Carpenter and KISS (that metal band). Insert also political references about Japan’s territorial disputes with —– and NoKo, Obama, Kim Jong Il and other Japanese political issues. Otaku references include Wedding Peach, Peach Girl, K-ON!, Detroit Metal City and Fatal Fury 2 and Shin Megami Tensei. Finally, Insert Koji Kumeta’s opinions regarding American cultural imperialism.

Second act is all about trivia, jokes and pop culture references regarding the Kabukichou entertainment district.

Third act is about Marii plagued with tooth cavities. Lots of puns and few references in this act such as dentists making little profit over stuff covered by health care, Friday the 13th and Psycho. The act ends with a reference to the Fukushima nuclear incident.

I’m really glad the Koji Kumeta went back to his political references and stating his opinions in this episode. I’m kinda amazed at his opinions regarding American cultural imperialism in Japan. JC Staff seems to have lots of animation money.

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