Quick First Impressions – Zetsuen no Tempest

Shakespeare and BONES combine and the result is Zetsuen no Tempest. It looks pretty good and it feels somewhat low-key.

This anime might not be the best anime of fall 2012 but I like this, it has potential. The anime has some good cheesy dialogues and has Miyuki Sawashiro and Kana Hanazawa in key roles so it has my attention. I also like the two male leads as they play nicely off each other, one is the reckless aggressive dude with magic powers and the other is the calm guy with no magic abilities who can see the whole picture. It is fairly easy to see how the chemistry between the two main male leads will play out.

I’m really liking the Shakespearean motiff in the main characters, it adds spice and flavor to the anime. I’m looking forward to see how Hamlet (Mahiro), Romeo (Yoshino) and Prospero (Hakaze) will play this out. Hopefully, this anime will prove to be a fun watch.


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