Quick First Impressions – Kamisama Kiss

I haven’t read the original manga from which the anime was based from. That said, I really liked the first few minutes of the anime because it gave me a few good laughs.

I was pretty cool with it until the middle part of the anime when I realized that this is basically almost every other shoujo comedy that I watched, but that didn’t stop me from finishing the first episode. My only problem is that the during middle part of the anime, it became the Onikiri and Kotetsu show to the point that they almost overshadowed the female lead. That said, I think that Onikiri and Kotetsu are effective comedy elements to the show.

The best part of the first episode the final 5 minutes of it, and in my opinion that is when the anime truly started. The final 5 minutes of the first episode effective brought out the fangirl within me and I KYAAAAA~ed like there’s no tomorrow. And I’m a guy.

Kamisama Kiss has successfully got my attention. I’m watching this.


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