Shin Sekai Yori episode 3

Gracious goodness, I swear this anime becomes more awesome with each episode. You don’t see an anime that outdoes itself episode after episode very often. I love this anime.

Shun might have feelings for Saki which was pointed out a couple of times in the episode. This might be of no importance as of now but I think this will become a important plot piece in the future.

The highlight of the episode for me is that ghost story discussion around the campfire. That scene was just so dynamic! The scene itself was a very effective plot exposition tool in itself but the scene was made even better with Saki and Satoru’s argument. The scene was like a huge fantasy exposition with the battle between logic and fantasy is being waged at the backdrop.

Secondly, the False Momoshiro. From the earlier scene, I guessed that it would be an important piece in the epiode, what I did not expect is that it is actually something far more important.

Finally, I love the BGM for this episode. The BGM for the boat ride scene with Saki and Shun was amazing.

I swear, this anime just gets better and better. You are doing a disservice to yourself if you’re not watching this anime.


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