Quick First Impressions – Little Busters!

This anime is much hyped before its airing for a good reason, the visual novel source material of the anime of the same name is one of the best VNs there is. Looks like JC Staff is on a roll this late 2012!

The animation looks good, pretty impressive for a JC Staff anime. I really like the humor of this anime as the first episode gave some good laughs. The one thing I’m really impressed about this anime is the seiyuu cast; The production did a really good job of rounding up the cast and making Midorika Hikaru the cornerstone of the seiyuu cast. I have to say that Midorikawa voicing Kyosuke Natsume really makes this anime work out. Another thing I also like about this is that it is using the same musical score of the VN because it creates a sense of nostalgia for those who played the VN.

I have nigh hopes that JC Staff will not screw this up.


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