Quick First Impressions – PSYCHO-PASS

In the near future, people are judged by their mental state. more exactly, a person’s likelihood to commit crime is measured through one’s mental state and when one is judged to be capable of committing crimes, the person is apprehended with lethal force necessary.

Sounds like an interesting premise.

I like the OP and ED themes of this anime. I like the visuals. I like the characters especially the female MC. I FUCKING LOVE THE FIRST EPISODE IN GENERAL. Oh look, the writer for this is Gen Urobochi. FUCK YES.

My glee for the first episode aside, I really like that this anime has potential. If done right, this anime maybe a nice journey into discovering morals and grey areas. What really struck me the most in the first episode is the logic that if you’ve been raped, you’re capable of committing crimes which is wholly decided by a gun. I guess in the future, rape victims don’t need human understanding anymore.

This was a strong first episode in general and hopefully this anime will be good and not be another Guilty Crown.


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