Quick First Impressions – Robotics;Notes

A female mecha otaku that spouts Char Aznable references is probably one of the unlikeliest things in real life and it is something I never expected from Nitro+.

Firstly, I really love the OP theme by Zwei, it’s totally very catchy. I haven’t heard from Zwei in a long time and this is a very pleasant reminder for me that they still exist. Secondly, I really like the cast ensemble that’s been shown. The two main leads really compliment each other but as of this moment, they’re the standard MC-kun and genki girl.

The only thing is that this episode was really a slow start, great visuals aside. Looks like a bit of wait is in order until the good things start happening and since this is from Nitro+ and with their recent success with Steins;Gate, hopefully it would be worth the wait.


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