Shin Sekai Yori episode 4

Oh, its the obligatory “we get to learn the truth but there’s still too many things we don’t know about and shit just got fucked up” episode. The episode was really nicely done, overly dramatic reaction faces as to what the truth really is about aside and I like how the anime executed the “Curse of the False Momoshiro”.

I kinda expected that the past was something like their dark ages and I really wasn’t surprised by that but the way it was delivered in the anime felt like it was a very harrowing experience. Suddenly, a monk voiced by Tomokazu Sugita shows up and the anime takes a psychological suspense turn. Let me get this, so basically a psychological block augments the use of PK abilities of those who are in the utopia to keep things in line and any kid who fails the screening are instantly dealt with, right? I really like how this anime make innate powers seem to be a troublesome thing that must be regulated rather than something really cool.

I really like this concept of “Death Feedback”, it is basically a subconscious response initiated by the body to shut it down as soon as it realizes you’re using PK for the wrong means like harming others. The idea itself is totally crazy but it is a logical choice of leash to keep people with PK in line.

I think those queerats were former humans, either they were formerly humans who can’t use PK or kids who failed the initial screening at school or both.

The last 5 minutes of the show takes the cake in this episode. Whoever or whatever female figure Saki was imagining during the whole show, I want to know. Also, that cliffhanger was super well done. One great thing about this anime is that it knows how to end an episode well.

Finally, sex is now a way to curb aggression. I really like this.

Seriously, I like how Shin Sekai Yori outdoes itself episode after episode. This anime is truly amazing thus far.


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