Shin Sekai Yori episode 5

Wow. This is just like total WTF. Great episode nonetheless.

Wow, a sudden change in art style for this episode. No, this isn’t A-1 slacking off or cutting its animation budget, this is A-1 letting the episode director, Shigeyasu Yamauchi, do his thing. Personally I think Yamauichi’s style was well suited for this episode. For those not familiar with Yamauchi’s style, check out Casshern Sins.

While we were given a peek at how the queerats society works, I think the show stealer in this episode is the Saki-Satoru moment. Given that scene, it is safe to assume that, well, underage sex was pretty open to them and if not for Saki having second thoughts thanks to the False Momoshiro revelation and that shitty queerat watching (fucking cockblocker), they might have gone farther. People who have seen the novel say that they DID go bit further, but the anime has to cut on that due to censorship. So much for fanservice.

Again, another well executed cliffhanger. Why the hell did Satoru jumped back to the direction of the queerats?! Ugh. Seems that the queerats ARE really an important part of the story.


2 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori episode 5

  1. Wasn’t Saki the last one to go on the the next stage of conditioning (education)? Not to make excuses, but his reaction to the situation was probably more ingrained than hers? And her choice to stop overcame what little brainwashing she had? IDK, regardless it was all very awkward.

    To me, it seems like these blowdogs and queerats have been bred to be a direct threat to anyone that uses cantus. While some are helpful, other are outright vicous. The world has evolved to counter the TK threat.

    • Yes, it was awkward but still, I do feel that the revelation last episode was still fresh in her mind and the anime making making her somewhat as the MC, I think that she overcoming her preconditioned response to stress was pretty predictable.

      I think so that too but what I’m really interested is how or where they came from. Were they former humans that can’t use TK or they’re artificially created?

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