Joshiraku episode 11

Marii the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nos- Wait, it isn’t even Christmas yet. Yup, another indirect mention of Ebizo in this episode. Koji Kumeta sure likes mentioning the guy.

First act is all about swimsuit trivia and humor. That mother and child joke between Gan and Kigu reminded me of this.

Second act is all about info and humor regarding the area surrounding the Musashi-Sakai Station which culminates into the girls visiting the building where the JC Staff office is located. I really think this act was pure meta.

Third act was all about Christmas Humor with American jungle movie parodies, Marii being the butt of jokes again as a certain red-nosed reindeer and whatnot. Insert references of Rambo, Predator and Apocalypse Now in this act. Insert mentions of Kazuhiro Haraguchi, Masayoshi Son and the Bakusho Mondai duo and an indirect mention of Ichikawa Ebizo.

Two episodes left.

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