Joshiraku episode 12

Looks like Koji Kumeta’s ultra nationalism is acting up again, deeming popular K-Pop selling well, but nobody buys it. Koji Kumeta ultra nationalism, banzai!

First act is about Kukuru being amnesiac and humor and trivia about Japanese New Year dreams. I really like the punchline part where in the minerals start out as healthy ones quickly followed up by not so healthy radioactive ones. Good job on Saori Goto for voicing Kukuru perfectly on this act.

Second act is all about trivia and sights of Roppongi and the act ends with the girls going to a certain place related to Ebizo. Personally, I think that there aren’t much jokes on this part or maybe I’m just too focused on admiring Roppongi’s sights and modern art. Insert reference of Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust.

Third act starts with the rakugo hall on power saving mode thanks to Cool Biz campaign and the girls dress accordingly. Act starts as the girls play ninja and do other random stuff until the act ends with Marii showing her ass. Insert references of Doraemon, Lucky Star, Evangelion, Rurouni Kenshin and Toward the Terra. Insert mention of Yoshihiko Noda. Oh, Koji Kumeta’s ultra nationalism is at work in this act.

I really liked the Roppongi part of this episode. It was a lot more serious compare to the other second acts of this series and loved the scenery shots of Roppongi. One episode left.

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