Shin Sekai Yori episode 6

Simply saying, this is the obligatory Satoru heroics episode. We’re finally out of the trippy animation of the previous episode. We get more into the queerat wars. I do not trust those ‘good’ queerats, it feels as if they’re using Satoru and Saki for the sole purpose of winning their war and they aren’t telling everything.

I really like Saki’s ingenuity demonstrated in this episode. She may have forgotten her mantra (thanks to the monk back in ep 4), she did remember Satoru’s mantra and seeing all the ideal conditions in place (huge stress on Satoru, hallucination), Saki ingeniously returned Satoru’s cantus. I think this shows that denying/restoring cantus needs to be done on a subconscious level and while one may forget his/her mantra, he/she may still remember another person’s mantra.

This episode was mostly action with Satoru going all out with his cantus, that said his weariness in the near end of the episode maybe translated to death feedback, but I don’t think this is the case; I think it is Satoru merely being tired. The anime took care to show that the humanoid rats Satoru dealt with are not within his visual range and those the he did kill within his visual range are not humanoid. I think Satoru being tired is caused by his going all out with his newly regained cantus, combined with the physical and mental stress he’s subjected to at the last episode.

One thing I noticed is that there’s no ext episode preview. I think we’re getting closer to the timeskip part.

2 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori episode 6

  1. I found the fact that she replicated the mantra of the priest a bit odd. I don’t think she forgot her’s per say, and remembered another’s. It just seemed to be a huge leap of faith for us as the viewer to take on. And when it worked, why didn’t he use it on her? She could have instructed him, and then they’d both be free. Because it seems like the mantra is the same for all. All very odd. But, I did appreciate that we got to see Satoru’s start into madness. We will get to see first hand why the Scientist decided to build the society they did.

    • There was a scene that both Satoru and Saki showed their mantra to each other for a short moment back in the past, in which Saki cheated to know Satoru’s while Satoru wasn’t really interested in Saki’s. That’s why Saki knew Satoru’s while Satoru didn’t. At the time, Satoru is already hallucinating in a state of mental and physical stress plus the poison gas, and Saki ingeniously emulated the initiation rite to restore Satoru’s cantus. I believe that each person has his/her own unique mantra, and what the priest did back is to make a hypnotic barrier to block the kids’ own mantra from their subconscious, but that doesn’t prevent them in remembering other’s mantras as in the case of Saki.

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