Joshiraku episode 13

The anime started with Marii on the stage so it is fitting that it ends with Marii on the stage. Looks like the anime went all out with this final episode.

First act marks the appearance of a new character (which is pretty pointless for a last episode) which is pretty annoying (CV: Ryoko Shintani, famous for voicing Milfuelle in Galaxy Angels), breaks the character balance of the cast and will make her presence felt in almost the whole episode. This act is a joke on the phrase ‘every encounter happens once in a lifetime’. Insert mentions of Hollywood movie versions of Super Mario, Dragon Ball, Street Fighter and Godzilla being shown once is enough (because they’re utter crap) Star Blazers and Lupin the II being shown once is enough (because these always get screen versions repeatedly) and certain characters in anime and popular media such as Bakuman, Detective Conan, Doraemon and Star Wars and mention of Yoshihiko Noda being Japan breaker. Insert references of Kinpachi-sensei and Cirque du Soleil.

Second act is trivia and humor about Akihabara. Important things to note here are that Marii’s shirt in this segment is in reference to this which was a birthday present from Yasu’s parents. Rajikan is the Akiba Radio Kaikan which is a famous landmark in Akiba that was featured in the Steins;Gate, while Ajikan could refer to the band AKFG. Everything else in this segment are all real Akiba stuff. The finale of this act is that the annoying character in act 1 makes her appearance, parodying Acchan’s speech “You can hate me, but don’t hate AKB48!”.

Third act is about “additions” and Gankyou’s turn to be naked. Insert Gankyou (Koji Kumeta) being nationalistic and jabs K-pop (again), wigs being referred to as additions for balding men and discussion regarding adding extra to the original source in anime adaptations. Insert reference of Nodame Cantible. The dog there is a part of a word pun joke where the dog (inu) gets angry becasue of a poor joke (inude). I liked how they executed this third act as I felt that this is kinda a reprise of the anime’s beginnings.

Finally, notice the small changes in the ED credits.

Marii’s final message was touching and really hit home. I’m glad I watched this series and I will really miss this anime series.


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