Shin Sekai Yori episode 7

I was right about Squealer not to be trusted easily, the rat folds easily. I really like Kiroumaru, he seems pretty cool.

It seems I was right about that cantus sealing trick by the monk was just a form of hypnotism to block the mantra from one’s subconscious so that powers can’t be used, although I just find it hard to believe that Saki is able to reproduce the cantus restoring ceremony she did with Satoru on Shun considering he did not experience the same stress levels as Saki and Satoru did, or maybe Shun has great concentration to be able to restore his cantus via the ceremony. It felt very cheap and convenient for me in my opinion.

With the appearance of Kiroumaru, I think the importance of the relationship between queerats and humans is beginning to show. Kiroumaru may have received orders to eliminate Saki, Satoru and the others but instead he helps them in getting them into safety and all he asks in return that the kids keep what he did a secret. It seems that there is more to the relationship of queerats and humans that meets the eye.

Finally, time skip. I guess there are people dropping the anime based on that Satoru-Shun scene in the preview. What the hell people, seriously? Oh well, you’ll be missing on the possible yuri in the future.


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