Sword Art Online episode 19 – The Luguru Corridor

Now, if all otaku MMO playerbros can talk smooth and impress the ladies like Kirito, things would be awesome, right? The shonen adventures of Kirito, the hax spriggan warrior continues in Sword Art Online!

In a nutshell, this episode is all about Kirto being awesome yet again and learning there is a conspiracy within the Sylph and Salamander that threatens to upset the peace and balance in ALO. Stuff like this actually happens in MMO games where in alliances are made by factions to defeat other factions in game to gain economic power and territory in game. While the anime paints this as something bad, this happens and is a perfectly normal situation in MMO games like ALO.

It looks like Kirito might be getting some action next episode and if I’m guessing right, there will be action. Here’s to looking forward to the next episode.


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