Shin Sekai Yori episode 8

Howe many guys/fangirls dropped/picked this when this episode went full yuri/yaoi? I mean didn’t the anime shown us that there will be yaoi/yuri tones in this anime early on? Oh well.

All the homo in this episode pretty minor in this episode in my opinion. Even the Saki-Maria pairing seems forced; Saki seems to only use Maria for stress relief. Remember that fake momoshiro exposition episode? That seems to be still bothering her. The Shun-Satoru yaoi stuff seems to be there just for the sole purpose of showing how casual (homo)sex can be in their community and even the yaoi pairing was shot down early.

The main highlight if this episode has to be Shun. The dude clearly knows more than what he is letting on. He seems to be bothered by the events two years ago and the knowledge that he and his friends are under constant surveillance might have pushed him to a psychological stress and is now seemingly viewed as a huge threat. As a parting gift, he gives Saki a charm and a warning which may set the gears rolling for the coming episode. Next episode hints that Shun will be out next episode, so that hints that he Saki-Satoru pairing maybe canon.

What about Mamoru? Honestly, I’m not really worried about him.


3 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori episode 8

  1. The Saki / Maria pairing seems to be spot on, even from the first episode. But then again, my view on some character interactions had been poisoned too much by my cravings for more yuri.

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