Shin Sekai Yori episode 9

Shun finally disappears, with it a few people close to him. Shit is finally happening. Beware of the cats.

Well, a few things have been clear. People in control have been manipulating people’s memories regarding people who have disappeared and quite possibly, the people who disappeared have been eliminated by the higher-ups. The thing I’m curious about is that what are the reasons the higher-ups eliminate the people related to the person in question, as shown by Shun’s whole town leveled to the ground? The episode hints that Shun is becoming a karma demon and thus must be eliminated. Another thing I’m really curious is that what exactly led to Shun becoming a karma demon? I’ll assume that it’s either the stress regarding their camping incident or Shun has learned a dark truth. I’ll assume that becoming a karma demon is somewhat a psychological disorder.

I really liked this episode, as the dark feel of the episode is executed well. Looks like Yamauchi will be back next episode so I’ll assume that people will possibly complain regarding the ‘quality drop’ in animation.


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