Shin Sekai Yori episode 11

Shin Sekai Yuri. That yuri kiss was awesome. I really liked how the kiss felt something like more of a stress reliever between the girls more than anything else. Aside from that the episode was mostly plot which was pretty awesome.


So yes, Their memories were altered and this Ryou guy is posing in as Shun and unexpectedly, Saki and Satoru are the ones who felt that there’s something amiss. My only question about this is who are the ones that altered their memories? My guess on this is that their parents are the ones who are doing the memory alteration thing.

One thing else that I’m happy about this is that the Maria/Mamoru pairing is showing progress. Notice how subtle the anime is now beginning to draw/blurry the line in character relationships, particularly Maria. She has the hots for Saki yet she’s beginning to show more concern towards Mamoru and it felt that Maria herself is not aware of this. Observing the character relationships mold in this anime is one of the things that has kept me glued to this show. Here’s to looking forward to the next episode.


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