Sword Art Online episode 23 – Bonds

Kirito’s response to Sugu’s love declaration? He’ll clear the game first and give him his response (which we know won’t be coming out soon). Typical harem MC-kun reply. This anime really glorifies the otaku gamer.

I’m kinda unsatisfied about this episode. Felt kinda squicky on how the anime unsatisfactorily IMO wrapped up the Sugu dilemma for Kirito and the whole raid assist thing by the slyphs and caith siths felt kinda underwhelming when it should have been awesome.

The only thing I liked in this is how the provoking system for the monsters in this episode, in which they’ll attack also the healers in a party should they do a significant amount of heal. This is kinda reminiscent of the WoW monster provoke system wherein bosses would attack the healers should they heal excessively in a boss raid.


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